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[GUIDE] Catacomb dungeon, all you have to know

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It can be entered through the Guardian of the Catacombs in the Dark Temple.

  • Recommended to enter with character + Lv 100, with a shaman auras.
  • Bonus for the team: Force Undead, 5,000 HP in everything except weapon and earrings, Force monsters in 6/7 bonus, Magic resistance, avoid arrows and blockade.
  • Minimum requirement: To have killed the Reaper of the death of Devils Tower, or to have passed the tower with a group.


The catacomb is divided into 6 different levels, in order to reach the next level, one must fulfill some missions.

General drop of all Catacomb monsters:

  • - All the evolution stones of Pokecytos (Fire stone, water stone, dragon stone, poison stone etc ...)
  • - Powerful gems and possessed pumpkins (Material to evolve the stones + 5 to diabolics)

Drop Caronte:

  • - Titanic shield + 0

Drop Azrael:

  • - Titanic shield + 0
  • - Soul Gem (1 of the 4 most important gems in the world, serve to improve the best stoles, weapons and PvP armor of the game.)
  • - Azrael's Chest (Contains Azrael's Costumes and Arrowsack)
  • - Reduced heads
  • - Stone razador (Object to be able to enter the dungeon of Arrador)
  • - Key of faced kingdoms (Object that teleports you to the map Kingdoms faced + Lv 140)
  • - Spiral Keys (Object to enter the Beran-setaou dungeon)
  • - Aracnida Key (Object to be able to enter the Baronessa dungeon)
  • - Mysterious Pokeball (Within it there are 16 belts in the shape of pokemons that will give you extra bonuses, some can evolve.)
  • - Chests of Arms Lv 95 pvp set with media and skill
  • - Artisanal Ark (Ark which can give you an Eevee pet or CapeDragon head map improvement materials.)


Guide for the 4th floor of Catacombs (Portals)

This floor consists of a labyrinth of portals, you can touch 1 random portal of 6 that exist.

Maps for the different roads.








I leave you a video of killing Azrael de Ruaba Vlc in Spanish audio (As of the minute: 20:00)


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