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Today , like 10 minutes ago, i open 4 chests of 500kk and the game was rebooted, now i don't have the money neither the chests.  I have just spend 500kk on a item to change the status of the item and now i don't even have the money to do that.

I want my 2kkk and a new status item changer.


Please respond asap i need to go to work.

The char is : KillingMach

Him portuguese:

Boas, hoje há por volta de 10 minutos abri 4 chests de 500kk mesmo antes do jogo ser reboot,  depois do mesmo não tinha o dinheiro nem os cofres de 500kk. Acabeid e gastar 500kk num item para mudar os atributos dos itens e nem sequer tenho dinehiro para rodar.

Gostava de receber o meu dinheiro de volta e um objeto de rodar os itens.

~Por respondam rapido que preciso de ir trabalhar


O char é : KillingMach

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Guest Lunatico

Nothing to do here.

I coud also say that i lost 20kkk this way. And anybody could too. 

The only thing you can do is work to get another 2kkk and even more.

GMs cant do anything in these cases

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In the first place, nobody loses anything when maintenance is done, if you had really lost, everyone would be complaining that they have lost the last 5 minutes ...

Secondly, first by call you said you lost 1.5kkk and now you say 2kkk.

With these answers I finish the thread, if you try to scam the staff again, the penalty will be very serious.

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