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Greetings, I post here not finding any complaint topic. Here I am expending quietly to the kingdom of fire to have spoons. 
I come across someone who took the spot.

I do not say serious, in addition she buff me so I'm not going to be choosy, so I stand next door and farm quietly.

However another arrives with his buff, I say in my head (Make me shit, one more that will annoy me: D)
I'm waiting a little and it's up, I'm cool, it's fair play.

But surely because of the impatience awaiting the repop of monsters, he rushes on my spot to sting the monsters. 
I do not like it so I stomp on him and I own 75% of his life, hoping that this act will make him understand not to come closer to me.

Having figured out that biting my monsters and harming my farming goals, he's a resident, 
4 times I've been nice 3 times by simply hitting him, but last time I got angry and not having no GM in this staff 
I insult and I take pleasure and I raged. I will not play today.



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Guest Lunatico

Dafak! XD

This is how the game goes. A GM will not help you in this situation. You better get a good pvp and kill everibody who anoys you.


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We can not do anything there, this is a game of action and fight, if someone comes to bother you, you should fight against him to get the territory

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