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[EN] Mega-Update Dino-Park - All information!

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IMPORTANT: To update the client properly, close everything, and re-open the game from the file play.exe


Modifications regarding races and magic:

Shaman dragon and light:

  • All of his damage abilities have been increased by 35%

Ninja archer:

  • The damage of the skills that use arrows have been increased by 20%


Repairs on the server:

  • Before you could not delete characters from accounts [REPAIR]


New loading screen on the theme of the update [Dino-Park Map]


ss+(2018-06-05+at+02.36.23) copia.png


Set of icons for objects added

This system will inform us that objects, weapons or armors may be tradable, usable, storable, salable and improvable through icons.

As you can see in the photo, when the icon is green it means that if it is, when it is in red it means that it is not.



New information system about monsters

This system will help us to know the Drop of objects that a monster or a Head of the game can have, it will also tell us the race of the monster, damage, life, regeneration and resistances that it has.




New map Dino - Park!

This map is recommended to level up from 140 to 160 and earn yang.

How do I access the map?

For the teleportation ring that we have we can access.



What bonus is needed for Dino-Park?

  • - Force monsters
  • - Force animals
  • - Average resistance


Once we are inside we will see an NPC at the beginning of the map, Hotaru the wise.

What can we build?

(To craftear we will need objects that will be dropped by all the monsters of the Dino-Park map.)

  • - Stoles of level 75 and 100.
  • - Raptor's Chest: In it we can get 1 raptor of 3 different there. Below we will see the 3 with their bonus and life time.



Family Raptor (The time of life of the raptors only cosume if you are using them.)

There are 3 different mounts, which one better than the previous one, as we saw before they will come out of thef1a6140b01.jpgRaptor Chest.a585d8aee3.jpg

Raptor I

Bonus and time:

  • - 35% drop of objects.
  • - 35% critical.
  • - 35% force monsters.
  • - Life time: 11 days.



Raptor II

Bonus and time:

  • - 45% drop of objects.
  • - 45% critical.
  • - 45% force monsters.
  • - Life time: 13 days.



Raptor III

Bonus and time:

  • - 55% drop of objects.
  • - 55% critical.
  • - 55% force monsters.
  • - Life time: 15 days.



Tyranosaurus (Boss map Dino-Park)



Location, respawn time and number of Bosses.

  • - This boss will be in the desert zone of the map, like the other dinosaurs ..
  • - It has a respawn time of 2 hours.
  • - There are 2 Tyranosaurus on the map.

What can you give us when you kill him?

  • - All map materials in quantity of 30.
    - Eyes of Velociraptor (New object that below we will see what it is for)
    - Low refined stone, medium refined stone and extra refined stone. (New objects on improvement that we will see below how they work)


Eyes of Velociraptor (New equipable object)

These brightly colored eyes can be equipped in our team as one more object, as we have seen, we can get by killing the Dino-Park Map Bosses. 08bd3135a7.jpg

You can equip 2 velociraptor eyes at the same time.


They have a life time of 4 days and 16 hours, the time is always spent, even if you are not in the account.


  • + 15 INT
  • + 15 DEX
  • + 15 STR


Refined stones for improvement (New object for improvement.)


With these stones you can increase the% success of an improvement in a weapon, armor or accessory [For stones do not work]

They are single-use stones.


Every time we go to improve something in the Sura or with Magic Metal a new window of refinement will come out, in which we can put in the hollows of the refined stones that we have.

When the success of improvement reaches 100% it will not be possible to put more refined stones.

As seen in the image, one stone goes up 5%, another 10% and another 15%, we can use them 3 at a time to increase the% improvement.




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