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[GUIDE] How to get King of Shadow monture Dragon

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King of shadows


Bonus and time of King of shadows:

25.000 HP

100% Force monster

Life time: 17 days and 18 hours.

To get this mount we will have to go talk with the NPC "Rey de Sombras" that is located on the map Puerto R.E, to this map we will go by the Dragon Viajero that is in the city1.


When talking with this NPC he will tell us that we have to deliver 9 pieces of dark parchment x5 each and he will give us the King of shadows.

Where do I get the parchment parts?

- In the map Kingdoms faced there are 9 different Heads, each Chief will drop a part of the dark parchment.

How do I go to the map Kingdoms faced?

- With the key Realms faced, we press it right click on it and it will take us.

How do I get the Key Realms faced?

- This key can be dropped by the following Bosses:

  • Azrael
  • Beran-Setaou
  • Arrador
  • Baronesa
  • Reaper

We can also Craft the key realms faced in the NPC Ji Zheng that is on the map Puerto R.E, the keys of colors that you will ask to craftear dropean the fat frogs that are on the map Puerto R.E


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