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[GUIDE] Biologist system

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How to use the Biologist system:


-Every time you hit an object you will have to wait 0 min. to deliver another.

If it fails to deliver an object, you will not have to wait.


Mission Lv30:

  • Necessary objects: x10 orc teeth
  • Kill Orc Elite, Explorer Orc Elite, Wizard Orc Elite and Wrestler Orc Elite.


  • +10 Movement speed (permanent)
  • Red Ebony Box


Mission Lv40:

  • Necessary objects: x15 Books curse
  • Kill any esoteric tower outside


  • + 5% Attack speed (permanent)
  • Ebony Box Pompa


Mission Lv50

  • Necessary objects: x15 demon memories
  • Kill Demon Archer, Demon Lancer, Demon Shaman and Demon Soldier


  • +60 defense (permanent)
  • Yellow Ebony box


Mission Lv60

  • Necessary objects: x20 ice balls
  • Kill Golem of Ice, Killer Ice Whale, Ice Lion and Iceman


  • +50 Attack (permanent)
  • Ebony Box Light Green


Mission Lv70

  • Necessary objects: x25 Zelkova branches
  • Kill the creatures of the Ghost Forest or in the Red Forest


  • + 10% Movement speed (permanent)
  • + 10% Damage reduction (permanent) (not 10% defense)
  • Green Ebony Box


Mission Lv80

  • Necessary objects: x30 Tugyi Panel.
  • Kill the giants in the Land of Giants


  • + 6% Attack speed.
  • + 10% Attack
  • Blue Ebony Box


Mission Lv85

  • Necessary objects: x40 Branch Red Tree Ghost.
  • Kill Monsters of the Red Forest


  • 10% Reduction of damages against other players (permanent)
  • Purple Ebony Box


Mission Lv90

  • Necessary objects: x50 Leader's notes
  • Kill any boss of Beyond2 - oldschool


  • 8% Increase in damages against other players (permanent)
  • Blue Ebony Box


Mission Lv92

  • Necessary objects: x10 Resentment Jewels
  • Kill several Hell Ice Golem and several Hell Ice Man


You can choose between the three rewards:

  • 1000 HP
  • 120 Defense
  • 50 Attack value


Mission Lv94

  • Necessary objects: x20 Jewels of wisdom
  • Kill several archer Setaou and several Commander Setaou


You can choose between the three rewards:

  • 1100 HP
  • 140 Defense
  • 60 Attack value

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