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[GUIDE] Drops items upgrade

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Fortune Bag Metins Land of giants (You can give any object of improvement without the + x2)
Fortune Bag+ Metins Land of giants (You can give any object of improvement with the + x2)


Piel de Pie de Oso.png
Bear's Foot Skin Black Bear, Cursed Black Bear  
Piel de Pie de Oso+.png
Bear's Foot Skin+ Bera, Brown Bear, Cursed Brown Bear  
Bilis de oso.png Bear bile Bear, Cursed Bear  
Bilis de oso+.png Bear bile+ Brown Bear, Hungry Brown Bear  
Botín del Salvaje.png
Bear bile General Wild Strong, General Wild  
Sheet Sackman, arboreal frog Soldier  
Recuerdo del Demonio.png
Memory of the Devil

Demon Soldier  
Recuerdo del Demonio+.png
Memory of the Devil+ Demon Shaman  
Gema del Demonio.png
Gem of the Demon Demon Soldier  
Gema del Demonio+.png
Gem of the Demon+Demon Archer Demon Archer  
Cuerno Ballena Asesina.png
Killer Whale Horn Killer Ice Whale, Infernal Ice Whale  
Bola de Hielo.png
Iceberg Ice Golem  
Bola de Hielo+.png
Iceberg+ Yeti  
Trozo de Hielo.png
Piece of Ice Enchanted Ice  
Trozo de Hielo+.png
Piece of Ice+ Enchanted Ice Mezquino  
Cartilla Esotérica.png
Esoteric Primer Dark Fanatic  
Cartilla Esotérica+.png
Esoteric Primer+ Dark Arahan, Dark Torturer, Great Evocator  
Colmillo de Tigre.png
Fang of Tiger Tiger  
flag Strong Wild Archer, Wild Archer  
Melena Llameante.png
Flaming Mane Tiger Wrestler  
Libro Maldición.png
Book Curse Dark Torturer Esoteric Requiem  
Libro Maldición+.png
Book Curse+ Bestial Torturer, Bestial Executioner  
Ancas de Rana.png
Frog legs General Frog bull  
Lengua de Rana.png
Frogs tongue Arboreal Frog Soldier  
Crema Facial.png
Facial cream Se-Rang  
Espinas de Pescado.png
Fish Thorns Fisherman's Store  
Diente de Jabalí.png
Boar Tooth Red boar, Scrofa  
Thread White Oath.  
Huesos de los dedos.png
Bones of the fingers Demon Archer VII, Brutal Demon Archer, Demon Vil Shaman, Brutal Demon Shaman, Brutal Lancer  
Símbolo del Guerrero.png
Warrior Symbol Warrior Llama  
Amuleto de Orco.png
Amulet of Orc Orc Élite  
Amuleto de Orco+.png
Amulet of Orc+ Orco Sorcerer, Orc Elite Wrestler  
Diente de Orco.png
Orc tooth Black Orc Giant, Orc, Black Orc  
Diente de Orco+.png
Orc tooth+ Orco Negro Gigante  
Hoja Oxidada.png
Oxidized Sheet Pho-Hwan Tormenta NegraJoh-Hwan Tormenta Negra  
Coletero Rojo.png
Red pickpocket Mi-JungGeneral Jura white  
Piel de Serpiente.png
Snake skin Serpent archer  
Cola de Serpiente.png
Snake's tail Swordsman Snake  
Cola de Serpiente+.png
Snake's tail+ Serpent Archer  
Ornamentation Archer jura white  
Horquilla ornamental.png
Ornamental fork Eun-Jung  
Uniforme Negro.png
Black Uniform Maniac Black Wind Wild Infantry  
Uniforme Negro+.png
Black Uniform+ Maniac Black Wind  
Nariz de Cerdo.png
Pig Nose Red Wild Boar Red Wild Boar  
Shiriken Strong Wild Servant  
Shuriken+ Bestial Maniac, Bestial Archer, Bestial Captain, Bestial Soldier  
Aguja de Escorpión.png
Scorpion needle Young Scorpion Man  
Garra de Escorpión.png
Scorpion claw Scorpion Archer  
Cola de Escorpión.png
Scorpion tail Scorpion King  
Cola de Escorpión+.png
Scorpion Tail + Young Scorpion Man
Scorpion Archer

Saco de Huevos de Araña.png
Spider Egg Bag Spider Claw  
Saco de Veneno de Araña.png
Spider Venom Sack Red Poison Spider  
Ojos de Araña.png
Spider Eyes Spider Breeding  
Patas de Araña.png
Spider legs Soldier Spider  
Spiderweb Red Poison Spider  
Trozo de Gema.png
Piece of Gem Joh-Hwan Black Storm, Kyuk-Jang Black Storm, Jak-To Black Wind  
Trozo de Tela.png
Piece of cloth Furious Plague Man  
Trozo de Tela+.png
Piece of cloth+ Lancero Plaga  
Trozo de Armadura Rota.png
Piece of Broken Armor Kyuk-Jang Black Storm, Jak-To Black Wind, To-His Black Wind  
Piel de Tigre.png
Tiger skin Tiger, Cursed Tiger  
Garra de Tigre.png
Tiger Claw Tigris  
Medicina Desconocida.png
Unknown Medicine Plague Dog, Plague Man, Espadach In Plague  
Medicina Desconocida+.png
Unknown Medicine+ Plague Man, Man Plague Furious  
Talismán Desconocido.png
Unknown talisman Boss Arahan Esoteric  
Talismán Desconocido+.png
Unknown talisman+ Dark Executioner, Arahan Bestial, Arahan Bestial Fighter, Super Dark Colonel  
Coletero Blanco.png
White pickpocket White Oath Archer, White Oath Soldier  
Coletero Blanco+.png
White pickpocket+ Jin-Hee  
Piel de Tigre Blanco.png
White Tiger Skin Hungry White Tiger, White Tiger  
Piel de Lobo.png
Wolf skin Alpha wolf  
Piel de Lobo+.png
Wolf skin+ Wolf grayLykos  
Garra de Lobo.png
Claw of Wolf Alpha Hungry Wolf, Alpha Wolf  
Garra de Lobo+.png
Claw of Wolf+ Alpha Hungry Wolf  
Piel de Yeti.png
Yeti skin Lion of Ice  
Piel de Yeti+.png
Yeti skin+ Ice man  
Porcelana Rota.png
Broken Porcelain

Wild Infantry




Cristal de Agua.png
Water Crystal grotto 2 all the monsters
Cristal Azul.png
Blue crystal grotto 2 all the monsters  
Semillas Magicas.png
Magic Seeds grotto 2 all the monsters  
Containment pamphlet grotto 2 all the monsters  
Cenizas de Demonio.png
Demon Ashes grotto 2 all the monsters  
Dragon claw Beran-setaou  
Dragon scales Beran-setaou  
Perla Blanca.png
White pearl Clam, metins  
Perla Roja.png
Red pearl Clam, metins  
Perla Azul.png
Blue pearl Clam, metins  
Bloodstone grotto 2 all the monsters  

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