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[EN] 2º Anniversary Event Special!!! All information Beyond2

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The Beyond2 community is two years old, we want to celebrate it with all of you, we hope you like it and that you know how to take advantage of it!

  • Date: Will be available from day 14 (16:00 Spanish time) until day 17. (16:00 Spanish time)
  • From Friday to Monday there will be 200% Drop of objects 200% Yang and 110% EXP.
  • Saturday: Heads of Kingdoms Event! The staff will throw Heads in the Warehouses of the cities 1 of each kingdom. (22:00 Spanish time.)
  • Sunday: Moon Light Boxes event with % Drop increased from 9:00 pm Spanish time to 00:00 Spanish time.
  • ALL ITEM SHOP will be reduced to half price from Friday to Monday.
  • All accounts that connect more than 10 hours counting from Friday to Sunday will receive 250 V-Coins to spend in the Vote-Shop.

New Costumes Demon and Angel

These Costumes can only be obtained in the time that the Anniversary Event is active, only this weekend ... they will never appear again in the Game, for that reason I hope that everyone can get them!

How to get these outfits?

- Inside the Box Beyond Year Box you can get 1 of these outfits, the outfits are by race and have a time of +180 days.

The following Chiefs will release the "Box Beyond Year" Chest: (There is restriction of levels)

  1. Reaper of death (Tower demons) Lvl 73-83 (10% drop)
  2. Azrael (Catacombs) Lvl 130-140 (10% drop)
  3. Beran-Setaou (Grotto2 final) Lvl 125-135 (5% drop)
  4. Baronessa (End of spiders3) Lvl 135-145 (5% drop)
  5. Arrador (Entry by Fire land) Lvl 150-160 (10% drop)
  6. Nemere (Mountain sohan up) 170-250 (10% drop)

Bonus of the Costumes:

  • Hell Beyond Year: 5% Res. Magic 25% Half human 12% Skill damage.
    Heavenly Beyond Year: 5% Res. Magic 25% Medium human 5% Res. Ability.

Video where both attires appear.


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