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[EN] New frozen Armor and new exclusive events!

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There are only a few days to finish the year and even then we will continue to get the latest news from this 2018 that has been wonderful thanks to all of you!

Happy Holidays to all!

New Frozen Armory Sets

How do I get these armors?

- In Kate Claus you will be able to Craft by obtainable objects in the Christmas Event.

When they will be available?

- From the 25th of December.

Until when will they be available?

- They will only be available in the game until the Christmas Event ends, then they will be in ITEMSHOP always.

Bonus and features that make it unique and exclusive.

  • - Armor that can be used by any race.
  • - Level 99.
  • - 4 different armor with qualities for duels that make them unrivaled.
  • - Each armor will have 10,000 HP 30% Force race and 20% race defense at +9.
  • - They will be achieved at +0, they can be up to +9 with objects from most of the current Game bosses. (Nothing to do with Christmas.)



PayPal event!

When does it start and when does it end?

- It is already active from the 24th until the 26th of December!

For the PayPal donors that make us build a better server every time they donate we also have offers!

All PayPal payments will have 20% more coins.


Bosses Special Event [NEW]

The day 29/12/2018 Saturday at 23:00 Spanish time as they would say in Latin America "It will turn on !!!!"


How long will the Event last?

- The Chiefs Event will last 1 hour. at the end of the hour a maintenance will be done to remove the Chiefs again.

How much respawn time will each boss have?

- All these Heads of the Event will have a respawn of 10 minutes each.

At 23:00 Spanish time there will be a maintenance of 1 minute to place all these Chiefs throughout the Desert map:

  • - Raptor Libelula
  • - Azrael
  • - Baronessa
  • - Beran-Setao
  • - Arrador
  • - Nemere
  • - Anon
  • - Reina Hiedra natural
  • - Dragon de Fuego fauto
  • - Dragon de Atreya
  • - Rino demoledor [Christmas boss]
  • - Edgaar The Thing [Christmas boss]

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