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[EN] Christmas Event 2k18!

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Start of the Event: Monday, 17/12/2018 from 16:00 Spanish time.

End of the Event: Wednesday 02/01/2019 at 16:00 Spanish time.

At last the time of Christmas arrived, in which you will become the real protagonists to save it from the monsters and Chiefs who govern them.

Bad protagonists of Christmas:

  • Evil Demolishing Rino (He was last seen at the North Pole.)
  • Edgaar The Thing (He was last seen in the city of Sweet Christmas.)


To savanna need to travel to the North Pole talking with the deranged Fairy, a fairy who not long ago lived in the white city of Sweet Christmas.

The fairy is now in Mountain Sohan.


North Pole City

When you are in the North Pole you will find an army of Christmas monster that want to destroy everything in their path, kill them before they kill you!

General Drop of the Monsters of the North Pole: (Objects for Crafteo)

  • Ice symbol.
  • Symbol of Fire.
  • Thunder symbol.
  • Snowflake.
  • Frozen bird



Drop of the North Pole Boss:

(There are two on the map, and they leave every 1 hour.)

  • Ice Teleportation (Ring that allows you to travel to the City of Sweet Christmas.)
  • Ice chest (Chest that hides pretty good surprises.)
  • Snowflake. (Pack of 10.)
  • Frozen bird (Pack of 10.)
  • Cauldron of 100kk of yang.
  • Pack Skins (Christmas Skins with random bonus.)

Image Boss:



New Metines in North Pole and Sweet Christmas.

You will find snowballs for the two new maps, once dead, they will leave every 6 minutes.

Drop of the snowball: (not 100%)

  • - Socks (Object for crafting)
  • - Carbon black (Object for crafting)
  • - Symbol of thunder, fire and ice. (Object for crafting)



City of Sweet Christmas.


When we use the Ice Teleportation Ring, it will take us to the City of the Family Claus, Sweet Christmas, in this city is the most villainous of all the monsters that have wanted to destroy Christmas, Edgaar The Thing, an evil giant that terrorizes The white city.

There are 2 per map and they have 2 hour departure time

Edgaar Drop:

  • - Gift of little santa (Santa's coffer with rare objects)
  • - Gift of Santa Santa (Santa's chest with Christmas dresses and hairstyles)
  • - Pack Skins (Chest of Christmas attire for the weapon with random bonus)
  • - Ice cold bird x10
  • - Snowflake x10
  • - 100kk cauldron of yang
  • - Ice chest (chest that contains very valuable objects of the game and Christmas objects)
  • - Frozen teleportation


In the city of Sweet Christmas you will find the same mobs, except for 3 rare snowmen possessed by evil spirits.

There are few scattered around the map, and these are the ones that release only "Socks".

(The socks are very important to hang them on the North Pole map Christmas tree and sweet Christmas in exchange for gifts.)



Kate Claus, the daughter of Dad noel and Mom Noel is in the city to help us during these holidays.


Kate will open a window of special refinement, where you can build the 3 Legendary Birds or the Christmas Gift with objects available at the North Pole or in the city of Sweet Christmas.

Objects to craftear:

  • - Pack of Skins (With the carbon that all the monsters of both Christmas maps drop)
  • - Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres (With objects that drop snowballs and monsters from both Christmas maps)
  • - Christmas present (The best chest of the winter season, contains pretty good and exclusive PvPs and Pvms!)

The Christmas gift contains more than 8 outfits.



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