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Black Friday & Systems Update everywhere!

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Black friday event has started at Beyond2!

What is Black Friday in beyond?

- There will be a section in the ITEMSHOP where all the outfits, hairstyles, pets and exclusive mounts that have been able to be achieved during a certain time will be, for example, outfits that could only be obtained in Halloween / summer / Easter ...

- All the ITEMSHOP will be reduced to 20% except the section of Black Friday that will be 40%

Duration of the event?

  • - Starts on 11/26/2018
  • - Ends day 12/02/2018


System update!


The Black Friday week arrives with new systems to improve the design and that each person gives his own perzonalized touch to his character.

In the video trailer you can see how to use the different new systems, transmutation, show / hide and keyboard.

(These systems stay permanently on the server.)

Transmutation systems


System with which we can put the visual form that we like more to the armor, weapon, attire or hairstyle that we have equipped!

The objects that we use to be seen visually are equated within the object and can not be recovered anymore.

Tip: use an object that is not doped or we will use more to be seen visually.

- We can only transmute objects of the same type. Armor with armor, weapons with weapons, attire with attire ....

Where to transmute?

- In the different cities 1 of each kingdom will be the NPC to transmute.


System of change of controls

Pressing the "Esc" key we will see a new option called "Keyboard", if we click there we will open a control panel where we can change them to our liking.


Show / hide system

One more system that will help us customize our character, perfect system for those who do not like to be seen in attire, weapons attire, stoles or hairstyles.

By clicking on the icons that are in the holes we can hide or show at our whim!


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