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[EN] Moonlight boxes Event | New Skins | [Novelty]

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In the Boxes event light of the moon of the days (Saturday, Monday and Wednesday at 22:00 Spanish time) there will be a new Drop added to the Boxes!

IMPORTANT: This Drop will only be marked on these days, then it will be removed again.

What will be new?

  • - New Skins for amphibious thematic weapons with random bonus.

What bonuses will they give?

  • - Can give half or skill randomly.

What time will they have?

  • - 11 days of real time, this means that once you have them in the inventory the time will be spent.

What% have to touch me in a box?

  • - 40% each Skin to come out in the Moonlight Boxes.

Days to be held the Event Moonlight boxes with special drop:

  • Saturday 10/11/2018. At 22:00 Spanish time
  • Monday 12/11/2018. At 22:00 Spanish time
  • Wednesday, 11/14/2018. At 22:00 Spanish time

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