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  1. Lucie59850


    Ok so we can kill everyone as we wish ... All right, but that people do not come to complain one day to be CK like dogs
  2. Lucie59850


    Greetings, I post here not finding any complaint topic. Here I am expending quietly to the kingdom of fire to have spoons. I come across someone who took the spot. I do not say serious, in addition she buff me so I'm not going to be choosy, so I stand next door and farm quietly. However another arrives with his buff, I say in my head (Make me shit, one more that will annoy me: D) I'm waiting a little and it's up, I'm cool, it's fair play. But surely because of the impatience awaiting the repop of monsters, he rushes on my spot to sting the monsters. I do not like it so I stomp on him and I own 75% of his life, hoping that this act will make him understand not to come closer to me. Having figured out that biting my monsters and harming my farming goals, he's a resident, 4 times I've been nice 3 times by simply hitting him, but last time I got angry and not having no GM in this staff I insult and I take pleasure and I raged. I will not play today. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/439449168742711299/500589612285034496/unknown.png
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